Sales & Building Program
  • Superior Customer Service

We intentionally limit the number of homes or projects we build to between 10 and 12 per year. Our desire is to regulate our work load to a proportion that allows us the ability to devote quality time to our customers throughout the Building Process. We do not employ Project Managers or Superintendents to over see our job sites. We prefer to maintain a "hands on" approach to our business. We personally perform all the supervisory functions of our business including Administrative, Financial, Sales & Marketing as well as all Project Management. We feel that our customers deserve to receive the best that we can offer and our "personal" service is just that.

  • Custom Architectural Design Services

We are a full service "design & build" company. Starting with just what you have, whether it be an idea, a picture from a magazine, a sketch, a photograph, or a collection of all of the above, we can design the home of your dreams, exactly to your specifications! The only way to get exactly what you want in a new home is to design it to fit your lifestyle. 

  • Finding The Perfect Lot

    We build Custom Homes in some of the finest neighborhoods and locations in and around the DFW Metroplex. We are not restricted to any specific area or sub-division. We build on private properties, acreage, vacant land and sub-divisions We will conduct a comprehensive search to help you locate and secure the lot or acreage of your choice in any area where lots or lands are available.

  • The Design-Build Advantage

    The Design-Build approach brings together the best of "professional design" and "construction expertise". Our company handles both design and construction, which means you get to enjoy greater continuity of service. This joining of design and construction functions will also save you time and money, and helps make you - the customer - more of partner in the construction of your new home. During construction you have the reassurance that the team in charge of building your home is the same team who designed it, thus eliminating the risk of misinterpretation of the design elements during construction.

  • Financing Services

    We work with some of the finest Mortgage Companies and Financial Institutions in the DFW Metroplex. We can assist you in arranging everything from your Interim Financing to the Permanent Mortgage. We can also help you decide the best "type" of financing for your particular situation. Many attractive and creative programs are available that you may not be aware of. Whether it be a "One Time Closing", a "Bridge Loan", or the standard Builder Interim/Buyer Permanent program, we will guide you effortlessly through the entire process.

  • New Home Trade Up Program

    We may be able to help you build your new home and move in without any delays through a guaranteed sale on your existing home. Now you won't have to wait to start on your new home. If you don't mind taking a discount on your existing home, using this program will allow you to build your new home without the worry and anxiety that your existing home sells before the new home is complete.  We understand that there are few options available when trying to sell an existing home and have a new home built. The challenges include when to market the existing home, when to move out, making a double move, renting for a short time between homes, having to make a double house payment, etc... WE CAN HELP! Each trade in transaction is analized on a case by case basis to determine the feasibility of the deal and the marketability of the home, so call us for more extensive information.

  • Extensive Documentation

    We have designed a comprehensive set of contract documentation that assures both you, the Purchasers, and us, the Builders, that every single aspect of your home, right down to the smallest detail, will be completed just the way we all designed and planned it to be. The two most important aspects of our contract package are the "Design Specification Sheet" and our "Standard Construction Procedures" documents. The Design Specification Sheet (appx. 20 pages) takes you "room by room" through the entire house and spells out exactly what amenities will be incorporated into each room. The standard Construction Procedures document (appx. 15 pages) takes you "phase by phase" through the entire project and spells out exactly "how" the home will be constructed. You will find that our attention to detail is without rival!

  • Detailed Cost Estimation Process

    When it comes to estimating the cost of a project, there's absolutely no guess work involved. We perform a comprehensive individual cost analysis for every project by breaking the house down into footages and quantities as derived from the plans and the customer's wish list. We literally estimate every phase of the project line by line in order to arrive at the most accurate pricing that can possibly be attained. Our objective is to make sure our customer getd the best combination of price, quality and quantity (which equals value) that can realistically be delivered within their budget.

  • The Building Process

    What separates a true Custom Builder from those who claim to be is the hands on attention to the project from the people who actually own the company. We work directly with our customers throughout the entire construction process. We will be right there, readily available to you, every step of the way. We will guide you effortlessly through the building of your dream home, all the way from the initial design process to the day you move in. And our services extend far beyond the day you move in. We will be there to help you settle in and get comfortable with your beautiful new home. Your complete satisfaction and happiness is our utmost desire.

  • Industry Involvement

    We are active members of the National Association of Home Builders, the Texas Association of Home Builders, the Builders Association of Fort Worth and Tarrant County and the Certified Master Builder Corporation. We are required to attend continuing education courses through the Certified Master Builder Corporation, which enables us to stay in touch with the rapid advancement of the industry and the stringent regulations of current building technology. Our Certified Master Builder Program involvement assures you, the customer, that your home is being constructed by one of the best Home Builders you can find anywhere!

  • Construction Experience

    "Greg and Mark have quite literally spent their entire adult lives in the construction industry." We have been self employed in the Home Building Industry since 1978. We started as Framing Contractors and continued mastering Wood Frame Construction for about 12 years. We spent a few years buying, remodeling and re-selling foreclosed "fixer upper" homes before fulfilling our career goals of becoming Custom Home Builders. The formation of Wright Properties, Designers & Builders is the result of several years of discussion and planning to form a very strong and positive combination of professionalism and expertise in the Home Building Industry. We are seasoned construction professionals whose expertise covers all aspects of the Housing INdustry including Wood Frame Construction, Renovation & Remodeling, Real Estate Marketing & Investment, Mortgage Financing, Contracts & Title Work, Inspections & Appraisals, as well as full scale Residential and Commercial Construction!

  • $$$$$$ Referral Program

    We pay big $$$ MONEY $$$ for your help in selling our product and services to people you know. "Word of Mouth" referrals are one of the very best introductions to a new customer that any Home Builder could ever hope to receive. That is precisely why we encourage our customers to work hard and spread the word to potential clients that we truly are the "Wright Builder" for them. We will pay 1% of the sales price of any home that we actually contract to build as a result of a referral that you bring to us!

    Our Building Program is Second to none!